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VG JPEG-Repair 2.1

VG Jpeg-Repair is an utility that helps us to repair our images in a Jpeg format
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VG Jpeg-Repair is a German utility that helps us to repair our images in a Jpeg format. It works to solve if the file cannot be opened, unknown type of file, corrupted head, unknown jpeg maker or format, corrupt data and invalid structure. The author offers a free-of-cost service to verify if the affected files can be restored or not, after they verify what files could be restored only the restoration of the selected JPEG files have to be paid, they provide direct links to proceed with it and multiple options to let you be in contact with them.

File repairing works in this way, the software will try to repair the fail, if the repairing attempt is successful, a folder with all the selected sources will be created, then you can add the folder as an attachment in an e-mail, a download link and others.

For the repairing the author also provides second possibilities to repair the files, if you prefer or the software couldn’t repair the file has the natural limits of it, the expert staff of the developer could also examine the file manually.

It’s a great tool and service the only disadvantages of it is that the software only came in German on their websites and mirrors, and that the software is just supported in Windows Operating Systems.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple options to contact and a great support from the author


  • Only came in German, for other languages you need to contact the developer
  • Supported only in Windows Operating Systems
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